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Are you a Magna Carta fan and are living outside the Netherlands and you would like to attend one (or more) of these last 8 concerts but having trouble ordering tickets (probably because of the language barrier) we can now tell you that we will help you to get e-tickets! How?

Go to the top menu on the website and click on About and then on Contact, then choose the Webmaster and tell him your name(s), which date(s), venue(s) and the number of tickets you would like to purchase.
The webmaster will first check the availability of tickets for the venue(s) and then try and get the tickets for you. He’ll then tell you how much and how to pay him; after receiving your payment (only by bank, so not with PayPal or credit card) he’ll finish the deal with the organizers and pay them. When that’s finished, he’ll send you the e-tickets by e-mail. Simple huh? 😉