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Chris at 70 - portrait by Hans Veen

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Dear fans of Chris Simpson and Magna Carta,

I hope this finds you all well.
Cathy Simpson has contacted me on August 19th, to ask if I could let all his many fans know that presently Chris is in hospital and has been so since last Monday.
I’m not too sure what the problem is but he has been very confused which some infections can cause, and he is currently on antibiotics.
The doctor is seeing him again on Monday (August 21) when we should get an update. Thankfully, he is improving!

If you could spare s few minutes just to send him a few words of encouragement I’m sure that would mean a great deal to him and help him to recover more quickly!
Many thanks indeed for your love and support.
Know how much it means to him!
Best to all,
Chris (a different one!)

You can leave a message to Chris at the Contact button here
We will make sure he gets your message!