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Here’s the latest update on Chris Simpsons condition, sent to me earlier today by his wife Cathy Simpson:

Dear fans of Chris Simpson and Magna Carta,

Yes, the good news is that Chris is now at home and he’s doing brilliant!

Thank you to everyone for their care and support – Chris is slowly getting back into communications mode, so you may hear from him in the near future.

Love, Cathy Simpson
12 September 2023


Here’s the latest update, sent to us by Chris Adams. moderator of the Facebook site:

Dear fans of Chris Simpson and Magna Carta,
I’m pleased to say that today I had an update from Cathy which she wanted to share with you. Here is what she said
“Chris sends a huge ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who has sent him good wishes. He’s humbled to hear from so many lovely people – your messages have been a great source of support and comfort and have really helped to boost his recovery. There’s life in the old dog yet!! xxx
Many thanks indeed for all your messages of support, I know, it means the world to Chris and will help him to recover quickly!”
Very best to all and thanks again,
Chris (the different one!)