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Hi everyone,
We just received this update from Chris Simpson. Great to receive such good news! 😀

“Firstly, thank you for replying on my behalf to the many people who expressed good wishes to me during my stay in hospital. The stay itself was in order to defeat an onslaught of delirium, which came from I know not where. It was disruptive and harsh – my memory still has a few holes left in it from my time there. And with a shock I realise that those weeks went by without me being aware of time’s passage. This is still a very difficult concept for me to grasp and still brings an element of confusion tinted with sadness.”

“Throughout that time, though, I was aware of all the lovely messages of support and encouragement that came from all over the world, via the web-site and also on the Facebook page. I realise how lucky I am to have so many loyal and caring friends and supporters – my heartfelt thanks goes to you all. And I should point out that Cathy, along with a band of very close friends, saw me round the bends and the dark places en route. I should also mention the fabulous hospital team – they were tremendous! And the carers who called on me daily at home.Where would we be without them all?”

“Over the last few months I now know that I haven’t been as
communicative as I would normally be – put it down to the onset of this episode (which I sincerely hope will not recur). But I am extremely optimistic and positive for the future and I hope to be getting back into the saddle and keeping on top of writing to you all.
Please be patient if it takes me a little while to get there –
everyday things are just a little more difficult than they were
before, but there’s life in the old dog yet!!”

Chris Simpson, September 21, 2023