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Linda Simpson-Taylor writes:

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time of year again and I’m happy to be able to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, here on the Magna Carta website.

It has been a strange year in so many ways, and it’s tragic that there are still terrible wars and unrest in this beautiful world. We are also facing the effects of climate change. Everyone’s future is uncertain and every other living thing on the planet is also facing climate challenges.

Let’s try to make 2024 the year when we realise that we must start working together, learn to live in peace, find more ways to cut carbon emissions and take responsibility for our own pollution and waste. It would be great to work alongside our neighbours again to have clean homes and a clean environment for ourselves and the wildlife around us.  Maybe next year we will be seeing the changes that will mean a better future for all.

I turned 70 this year and wondered how it had all gone by so quickly.
I very much remembered my 50th birthday when The Friends of Magna Carta collected money so that I could get a dog.
Henry, Chris’ black Labrador, had passed away and left a huge gap in our lives. Harvey was born that December. Matt was with us when we first went to see the litter, and our hearts were stolen.

Harvey came home with me on the 15th of February 2004 and we were inseparable from that day. We said our goodbyes in April 2016 but he will always be ‘The One’. He stole my heart and soul so, for my 70th birthday, Ian took me to have the tattoo of a paw print to complete the story and now Harvey’s mark is on my Heart, Body and Soul. Thank you again to all those who made it possible.

Linda's tattoo

Magna Carta was my life for 26 years and I have so much to be thankful for, not least all the wonderful friends that I met along the way. Of course, there are many stories of the places we toured, the amazing experiences, the love and hospitality, the funny and no so funny situations we found ourselves in and so much more … nothing can ever spoil those memories for me.

It’s not over yet either, music is still my passion. Ian and I are presently working on moving north. It is taking longer than we hoped, but things are improving so keep your fingers crossed for us. Once we are settled, we will be working on new songs and revisiting some of the Magna Carta songs that I loved. Watch this space.

Chris called me last week and, I’m pleased to say, he seemed to be much better in himself. We will never work together again, but we did share a lot of Magna Carta history and that will always count.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon but just one more time. Let me wish you

A Very Happy Christmas


A Wonderful New Year


With Love