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Chris and Paolo


Chris Simpson writes:
Well, if there is one thing I like in Wintertime it is snow, all FEET and INCHES of it!
We have had some snowfall around here and today and most of this week the polar blast comes our way and at least that is what the pundits say.

My father knew exactly what the weather would do. Without fail.
We did not watch weather on the TV because we didn’t have one and that was because we did not have electricity. Just lamps and candles. No problem.
The old man was a countryman through and through, and took everything in his stride.

For 50+ years I and we have ranged across the world, collecting fans and friends along the way.
Through 78 countries we met so many people who love the music and that has been a sort of big plus point in it all, and a long time ago at a gig in the Cavern I hooked up with a friend and musician, Paolo Giorgi. We had met him once in Italy, when he got up and did ‘Two Old Friends’ with me – a sweet guitar player.

Then fate decreed we were invited to Firenze (Florence) a couple of years ago and stayed with his lovely friend Giovanni Franco and his family – lovely people and huge fans of MC.
Paolo has made some good albums and is a sweet Martin player.
He had some song ideas that we threw around one day in between the kindness and the splendours of Florence. Something started to take shape and I lyrically re-worked a tune of his.
It fit like a hand in a glove and after a few false starts; alarums and excursions we had ‘Listen’.
It said what I wanted it to say and people have loved it.

Paolo sings with his lovely wife Sylvia and such is their regard for MC, they are putting together an album of MC songs. It will be a fine ‘tribute’ to Magna Carta.
Buy this in Gondola sized quantities and who knows what will come down the line next.

Arivederci or words to that effect,
Love and stuff,
Chris, February 8, 2021.

Click on the play button below to hear ‘Listen’: