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Farewell Tour – ‘The tide runs out… the love runs in’ – UPDATE

The very last Magna Carta Tour in The Netherlands was postponed from September 2020 to September 2021, had to be cancelled again, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But… we can now confirm that in October 2022 there will be a limited Dutch tour (8 concerts), starting on 30 September. You’ll know that Chris Simpson isn’t getting any younger… since July 13th he’s 80 years!



Below all confirmed dates:

Fri 30.09 Amen (DR) – 20.00 Cultuurcafé De Amer
Amen 20
9446 PC Amen
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Sat 01.10 Heerlen (LB) – 20.30 Parkstad Limburg Theaters, ING Zaal
Burg. van Grunsvenplein 145
6411 AS Heerlen
Tickets:  SOLD OUT!

Sun 02.10 Apeldoorn (GL) – 19.30 Theater Gigant
Nieuwstraat 377
7311 BR Apeldoorn
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Mon 03.10 Austerlitz (UT) – 20.15 Beauforthuis
Woudenbergseweg 70
3711 AB Austerlitz
Tickets:  SOLD OUT!

Thu 06.10 Doesburg (GL) – 20.00 Podium Doesburg – EXTRA CONCERT
Gasthuisstraat 41
6981 CP Doesburg
Tickets: SOLD OUT! 

Fri 07.10 Amerongen (UT) – 20:15 Cultuurhuis Allemanswaard Amerongen (in De Proloog)
Allemanswaard 27
3958 KA Amerongen
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Sat 08.10 Doesburg (GL) – 20.00 Podium Doesburg
Gasthuisstraat 41
6981 CP Doesburg
Tickets SOLD OUT!

Sun 09.10 Gorinchem (ZH) – 20.30 Theater ‘t Pand
Korenbeurs 3-5
4201 XD Gorinchem
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

NOTE : how to order tickets: simply click on the underlined word Tickets below every venue and you’ll be redirected to the direct page where you can order tickets for that venue.