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Magna Carta / Times of Change

This was Magna Carta’s first album released in 1969.

It featured Chris Simpson on Guitar and Vocals, Lyell Tranter on Guitar and Vocals, Glen Stuart on Vocals; Danny Thompson on Base; Harold McNair on Flute; and Johnny van Derek on Fiddle. It was reissued on CD in 1996 by HTD Records, catalogue number HTDCD68, but its availability is currently limited.
Magna Carta is one of the band’s three albums that went silver.

Track List
⋅ Times of Change
⋅ Daughter Daughter
⋅ Old John Parker
⋅ I am no More
⋅ The Sad Fate of Francis Alabadalejo
⋅ Spinning Wheels of Time
⋅ Romeo Jack
⋅ Midwinter
⋅ Shades of Grey
⋅ Emily thru’ the Windowpane
⋅ Sea and Sand
⋅ Seven o’clock Hymn