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Songs From Wasties Orchard

Released in 1971, this was Magna Carta’s third album. It is currently available on CD either on the Pid label (I408130), the Repertoire label (0004447 REP), or as part of a double album together with Seasons on the Mercury label (5388122).
Track List
⋅ The Bridge at Knaresborough Town
⋅ White Snow Dove
⋅ Parliament Hill
⋅ Wayfaring
⋅ Down along Up (1)
⋅ Country Jam (1)
⋅ Time for the Leaving
⋅ Beyond the Isle of Skye
⋅ Sponge (instrumental) (2)
⋅ Sunday on the River
⋅ Good morning Sun
⋅ Home Groan

All songs written by Chris Simpson except:
(1) written by Chris Simpson, D. Johnstone and Stewart
(2) written by Davey Johnstone