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Martin’s Café

This album was released in 1977, and re-released on CD in 1999 by Mercury (catalogue number 538 813-2) combined with “Lord of the Ages”. It was later re-released on the Snapper Music label (catalogue number SMDCD481) as “Ages and Seasons” packaged with “Lord of the Ages”, “Seasons”, and “Songs from Wasties Orchard” – four CD’s for the price of one! The latter CD is readily available.
Martin’s Café is one of the three Magna Carta albums that went silver.

Track List
⋅ Easy If You Try
⋅ Tomorrow’s up for Sale (1)
⋅ Mixed up Sensations
⋅ Old Man
⋅ All Part of the Game (1)
⋅ Roll On (2)
⋅ You Are Only What You Are (1)
⋅ People’s Friend
⋅ Won’t Set the World on Fire (1)
⋅ I’m Gonna take you Down (3)
⋅ Martin’s Café

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Tom Hoy
(2) Traditional: arr. Simpson/McConville
(3) Tom McConville