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Spotlight on Magna Carta

This was a compilation double album, that includes all the finest tracks and singles up to 1977, and much of the Seasons album. It hasn’t been released on CD. Spotlight on Magna Carta is one of the six albums that went gold.

Track List
⋅ Airport Song
⋅ Romeo Jack
⋅ Elizabethan
⋅ Ring Of Stones
⋅ Isn’t It Funny (And Not A Little Bit Strange)
⋅ Time For The Leaving
⋅ Two Old Friends
⋅ Sponge (instrumental)
⋅ The Bridge At Knaresborough Town
⋅ Song Of Evening
⋅ Country Jam
⋅ Prologue
⋅ Winter Song
⋅ Spring Poem
⋅ Spring Song
⋅ Summer Poem
⋅ Summer Song
⋅ Autumn Song
⋅ Epilogue
⋅ Winter Song (reprise)
⋅ Lord Of The Ages
⋅ Isle Of Skye
⋅ Father John

All songs written by Chris Simpson.