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This is a double CD compilation put together to commemorate twenty five years of Magna Carta. It duplicates very litle of the contents of the Old Masters and New Horizons compilation. The origin of each track is identified on the album’s track list.
This CD was released on the Vertigo label (catalogue number 526156-2).

Track List (Disk 1)
⋅ Soliloquy
⋅ Bridge at Knaresborough Town
⋅ Banjo (instrumental) (1)
⋅ Evergreen
⋅ Rings Around the Moon
⋅ Highway to Spain
⋅ Two Old Friends
⋅ That Was Yesterday
⋅ MacKenzie
⋅ Falkland Grene
⋅ Danny
⋅ Strangers in the Land of Ulysses
⋅ Wild Geese
⋅ Song for John
⋅ Lord of the Ages

Track List (Disk 2)
⋅ No Place to Sleep
⋅ Seven O’clock Hymn
⋅ Ticket to the Moon
⋅ For the Gypsy
⋅ Spring Song
⋅ Paradise Row
⋅ Midnight Blue
⋅ Time for the Leaving
⋅ Destinations
⋅ Greenfields
⋅ Lovers and Friends
⋅ Perfect Lovers Linda Simpson
⋅ (I’ve got the) World in the Palm of my Hand
⋅ Little Piece of my Heart
⋅ Mixed up Sensations

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Davey Johnstone