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Sweet Deceiver

This album, released in 1983, features amongst others Chris Simpson, Doug Morter, Christian Cheray, and Kate Robbins.
Eight of the tracks were re-relased in 1995 as the first CD of a double album Las Tierras del Viento, by Barsa Promociones. They called the first album Sweet Deceiver, but four of the tracks are missing, and an additional six songs were added.

Track List
⋅ Jigsaw Man
⋅ Sting of the Gin
⋅ Wind on the Water
⋅ Have a nice Day
⋅ Slowbone Jones
⋅ Danny
⋅ Midnight Blue
⋅ Rings around the Moon
⋅ Stoney Rose
⋅ It’s so Easy
⋅ Little bit of my Heart
⋅ The last dancer (1)
⋅ Natural Lovin’ Man

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Doug Morter