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Limited Edition

This CD was never put out on general release, but sold at Magna Carta events, hence the name. It consists of a selection of songs put together from demos, out-takes, and archive material including Penine Radio recordings.

Track List
⋅ Love on the wire
⋅ Danny
⋅ Hungerford bridge
⋅ When all is said and done
⋅ White tuxedo
⋅ One more last goodbye
⋅ Some kind of man
⋅ Rebecca (instrumental)
⋅ Jonah
⋅ Only road home (1)
⋅ Only road home (2)
⋅ Old shoes
⋅ One man’s heaven
⋅ Wind on the water
⋅ Only love knows how
⋅ You and I
⋅ Uncertain times
⋅ Michael of Angels

All songs written by Chris Simpson