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Where to now?

This is a double CD compilation of archive material including several songs previous unreleased including the breathtaking Only Road Home. It also includes for the first time Don’t Stop me Now. Recorded in 1973, this track features Rick Wakeman on piano and organ.
It was released on the Lost and Found label (catalogue number 542 543-2), but is no longer reaily available.

Track List
Disk 1
⋅ Airport Song
⋅ Some kind of Man
⋅ Only road Home (1)
⋅ Uncertain Times
⋅ One More Last Goodbye
⋅ Slowbone Jones
⋅ Sun Ain’t gonna Rise
⋅ Diamond in the Dust
⋅ Winterlude (instrumental)
⋅ Ulysses
⋅ Have a nice Day
⋅ Wind on the Water
⋅ Took a long Time (2)
⋅ Night Magic
⋅ Visions in a Crowd
⋅ Don’t stop Me
⋅ Nothing so Bad (It can’t get better)

Disk 2
⋅ Jigsaw Man
⋅ Abalone Sky (instrumental)
⋅ Banjoman
⋅ Help Yourself
⋅ 9 LB. Hammer (instrumental) (3)
⋅ Rings around the Moon
⋅ (I’ve got the) World in the palm of my Hand
⋅ For the Gypsy
⋅ Love on the Spinning Wheel
⋅ Tomorrow is a Long Time (4)
⋅ Country Born
⋅ Give Me Luv
⋅ Old Man
⋅ Living with a Woman Like You
⋅ Evergreen
⋅ Only Love Knows How (1)
⋅ Sting of the Gin
⋅ Sea and Sand (The Isle of Pabay)
⋅ Rhythm of my Life
⋅ Hey, Mr. Simpson (5)

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Linda Simpson
(2) Tom Hoy and Chris Simpson
(3) Merle Travis
(4) Bob Dylan
(5) Paul Chiemlowski