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Deserted Highways of the Heart

This is a double CD anthology of archive material from Magna Carta’s thirty-odd years of making music, and featuring some wonderful musicians. It also features the only released recording of the song Margie.
It was released in June 2007 on the Talking Elephant label (catalogue number TECD116), and is readily available.

Track List
Disk 1
⋅ Lady Take Me Down
⋅ Circus of the Heart
⋅ You Are Only What You Are
⋅ You and I
⋅ Nothing So Bad (It Can’t Get Better)
⋅ Terminal Case of You
⋅ Old Man
⋅ Pefect Lovers (1)
⋅ Cancer Child
⋅ Destinations
⋅ World in the Palm of my Hand
⋅ Two Old Friends
⋅ Lovers and Friends
⋅ Evergreen
⋅ Rings Around the Moon
⋅ Margie
⋅ Michael of Angels
⋅ Only Road Home
⋅ Old Shoes

Disk 2
⋅ Strangers in the Land of Ulysses
⋅ You Say
⋅ Litle Piece of my Heart
⋅ Natural Lovin’ Man
⋅ Wind on the Water
⋅ Here To Stay
⋅ Living with a Woman Like You
⋅ Long Distance
⋅ Rythm of my Life
⋅ Written in the Wind
⋅ Love on the Spinning Wheel
⋅ Jonah
⋅ Three into Two (Don’t Go)
⋅ Evertime
⋅ Only Road Home
⋅ Winterlude – Ulysses
⋅ Forever

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Linda Simpson