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Life… (Memoirs of a long time poet!!!)

(Memoirs of a long time poet!!!)

As the world grows mad with every day, I was reminded of some words by a would-be poet way back in time.

Watchman will you turn your head
and light your lamp for me,
Your cloak is filled with darkness
and the things I cannot see,
Beyond the morning watchtower
where the fallen angels shine
sitting at the Spinning wheels ot time…

I can hear beyond me
through the breath of waking children
the sound of unreal laughter
filling empty smiling glasses
and the victims of oppression
they are carried from the prison
of a world that knew them little
and could not hear their voices
and hate is lost and looking for a sign
caught up in the spinning wheels of time

….and the faces in the shadows of the chains that hold them closely in the darkness they are standing and no one really knows them and hate is just a stranger left behind caught up in the Spinning wheels of Time.

CJ Simpson