André grew up in Quebec, Canada, in a francophone family of six children, his father a choir director in church, and his mother a classically trained pianist. There were numerous sing-along around the piano, and all the oldest children learned an instrument.

Dropportrait Andre Lefebvreping out of accordion lessons after 3 months, André got his first piano lesson from his older brother, learning the chords to the Beatles’ Let It Be : “This is where you put this finger, then the other one here, and this third one, and there you have a C chord. Now with your left hand, play the same note as your right thumb. Now move your hand over here to the G, etc.”

Something incredible happened that day that would transform the life of this 13 year old struggling with ADHD, Tourette and stuttering. The piano became a place of refuge, a bridge allowing him to cross over the daily bullying and abuse, where he could write his own story, beyond words. To this day it remains a spiritually liberating experience he came to call “tuning the soul.”

Not reading music, André developed his musical calligraphy through improvisation and emulation, later expanding his palette with electronic keyboards.

Over the span of 50 years, though, André hasn’t developed a musical career as a performer, per say, but he created original music for various projects, and played in bars, restaurants, subway stations, streets, churches, anywhere there was a piano and people gathered.

He self-released four instrumental albums with music suited for meditation and inner healing (‘tuning the soul’), his latest one titled “Invitation To Silence”. In 2018 he also released an album of piano solos and improvisations recorded while living in Montreal 30 years ago, “Short Stories”.

Faithful to his vagabond soul, André has lived in 6 out of the 10 provinces in Canada since leaving Quebec in 1996. He now resides in Alberta.

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