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Live in Bergen

This album was released in 1978, and re-released on CD in 2005. It is readily available on the Talking Elephant label, catalogue number TECD031.
The lineup was Chris Simpson, Vocals and Guitar; Tom Hoy: Vocals, Guitar and Mandolin; Lee Abbot on Bass; Robin Thyne on Vocals, Recorders, and Percussion; and Tom McConville on Fiddle.
Live in Bergen is one of the three Magna Carta albums that went silver.

Track List
⋅ No Place To Sleep
⋅ Idle Wind (1)
⋅ Midwinter
⋅ In Tomorrow
⋅ Fragments (1)
⋅ Young Wackford’s Rant (instrumental) (3)
⋅ C’Est La Vie (1)
⋅ Dinks Song (2)
⋅ Nothing So Bad (It Can’t Get Better)
⋅ All My Blues (1)
⋅ Lord Of The Ages
⋅ Forever

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Tom Hoy
(2) Traditional: arr. Simpson/McConville
(3) Tom McConville