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Midnight Blue

This album was released in 1982, and re-released in 1998 by HTD. It is readily available on both the HTD label, catalogue number HTDCD101, and also the Talking Elephant label, catalogue number TECD031.
It features the track Highway to Spain, which is only second to Airport Song for being an instantly recognizable Magna Carta song. The lineup includes Lee Abbot on Bass, Lee Burgess (from 10 CC) on Drums, and Vic Emerson (from Sad Cafe) on Keyboards.

Track List
⋅ Slowbone Jones
⋅ Natural Lovin’ Man
⋅ It’s so Easy
⋅ Have a Nice Day (1)
⋅ Until I See you Again
⋅ Written in the Wind
⋅ Midnight Blue
⋅ Danny
⋅ I’ll Walk Alone
⋅ Strangers in the Land of Ulysses
⋅ Cajun Cannonball
⋅ Little Piece of my Heart
⋅ Highway to Spain (bonus track on CD only)

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Doug Morter