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Old Master & New Horizons

This is a compilation album, featuring a number of firm favourites, but also with four new songs featuring Chris Simpson on vocals, steel strung and spanish guitar; Linda Simpson on vocals, guitar, woodwind, mouth harp and percussion; Lee Abbot on bass guitar; and Simon Carlton on lead guitar.
It was originally released on the Mercury label, catalogue number E5106602. The availablity of the original is limited, but it has been reissued as one of a 2CD release entitled Tomorrow Never Comes – The Anthology 1969-2006.

Track List
⋅ Romeo Jack
⋅ Elizabethan
⋅ Airport Song
⋅ Autumn Song
⋅ Time for the Leaving
⋅ Sponge (instrumental) (1)
⋅ Wayfarin
⋅ Roll On
⋅ Wish it Was
⋅ Two Old Friends
⋅ Father John
⋅ Isn’t it Funny (and not a little bit strange)
⋅ Nothing so Bad (it can’t get better)
⋅ Mixed up Sensations
⋅ I’m Gonna Take you Down
⋅ You Are Only What You Are
⋅ Stop Bringing me Down
⋅ One Man’s Heaven
⋅ You and I
⋅ Forever

All songs written by Chris Simpson, except:
(1) Davey Johnstone