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Las Tierras del Viento

This is a double CD comprising of Sweet Deceiver vaguely based on the album of the same name orignally released in 1982, and Northland, an album vaguely based on One to One originally released in 1988.
The album cover is based on a photograph of a hawthorne tree in an area of limestone pavement, a landscape feature common in the limestone areas of the Yorkshire Dales.

Track List
Disk 1 – ‘Sweet Deceiver’
⋅ Jigsaw Man
⋅ Sting of the Gin
⋅ Wind on the Water
⋅ Have a nice Day
⋅ Slowbone Jones
⋅ Danny
⋅ Highway to Spain
⋅ Midnight Blue
⋅ Stoney Rose
⋅ Little piece of my Heart
⋅ (I’ve got the) World in the palm of my Hand
⋅ Living with a woman like You
⋅ Strangers in the land of Ulysses
⋅ Written in the Wind

Disk 2 – ‘Northland’
⋅ Tigers Eyes
⋅ Evergreen
⋅ Love on the spinning Wheel
⋅ Sure don’t bother me Now
⋅ Terminal case of You
⋅ Fooled by a Promise
⋅ Rings around the Moon
⋅ Living with a woman like You
⋅ Everytime
⋅ Rhythm of my Life
⋅ Ulysses
⋅ Long Distance
⋅ Greenfields
⋅ Wild Geese

All songs written by Chris Simpson